Story: Solero is an ice cream brand owned by Unilever. It is an ice cream covered with an exotic fruit puree such as mango, pineapple and passion fruit flavours. Our pavlova today reminds me a lot of this ice cream.


20 cl Whipped cream

3 Egg whites

90 gr Sugar

1 Teaspoon vanilla extract

75 gr Icing sugar

1 Mango

1 Kiwi

3 Passion fruits

Recipe: Pre-heat the oven to 120 degrees. Beat the egg whites until stiff with 15 gr of sugar and vanilla extract. Then add the rest of the sugar and the icing sugar, keep on beating until you get a foamy batter. Now gently spread the meringue in the circle on the foil placed on a flat baking pan in order to make a circular base. Make sure the edges of the meringue are slightly higher than the centre so you have a very slight well in the middle. The oven door has to be left a bit open during the baking and, after the baking time, the meringue has to cool down in the oven.

Whip the cream, cut the fruits and spread the cream to the top of the meringue with a spatula and arrange the fruit on top.

Dedicated to Mister Solero, a summer treat that I ate last New Year’s Eve ( – :

I met Solero at school when I was 12 or so, he was one year older than me and he was so seeeeeeeexy! No matter if it was winter time, he used to smell of sun, of sand, of passion fruit. Passion, a lot of passion, it’s what I felt that time I saw him on stage rehearsing for the end of the year show: he was the main character of the Ravel’s Bolero. So Mr Bolero, oops Mr Solero, was on stage wearing only a little tiny gilet and a pair of black plus fours: bare-chested, bare-foot, bare hands. Bare… Nude… Naked…

Shall I tell you that Mr Solero never looked at me, curly girl with big glasses?

Unexpectedly more than 15 years after the Bolero show, at the New Year’s Eve party, we met again. Mr Solero still smelled like exotic ripe fruits, I couldn’t resist walking up to him and asking him: “Hi, are you the star of the end of year show? The Ravel’s Bolero, do you remember?”. He remembered, he was so flattered that I could still remember, we spent the night together, soooo easy, low hanging (passion) fruits ( – : Nostalgia please go awaaaaaay!



Ingredients: Carrot Cupcake

150 gr Flour

1 tsp Bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp Baking powder

1 tsp Cinnamon

150 gr Caster sugar

250 gr Coarsely grated carrots

100 gr Finely chopped walnuts (optional)

150 ml Vegetable oil

2 Eggs, beaten

1 tsp Vanilla essence

For the frosting:

50 gr Butter room temperature

75 gr Cream cheese (like Philadelphia)

1/2 tsp Vanilla essence

100 gr Icing sugar


Preheat the oven to 180C, prepare your 12 paper cups in a muffin tray. Then start by sieving the flour, bicarbonate of soda, baking powder and cinnamon into a mixing bowl. Stir in the caster sugar, carrots and walnuts. Now pour in the oil, slowly add the eggs and vanilla essence. Stir to mix, and then beat for one minute until everything is combined. Pour the cake batter into the prepared tin and bake in the centre of an oven for about 25-30 mins Remove from the oven and leave to cool completely. Meanwhile prepare the frosting by beating all the frosting ingredients together. Use the frosting to decorate.


Trick or Threat: For a quicker version, instead of making the frosting, you can use white chocolate spread.

Dedicated to Brian, American, redhead.

This morning I took my list – you know I have a list for all the men of my life, right? – and I read “Brian, redhead, recommended by C.”. And basically this tiny description resumes well the story with Brian.

I met him a looooooooooooong time ago at the Peanut Bar (see the Peanut Butter American Cake post) through a common friend, C.

Brian was American, my first American lover, and he secured me the State of California ( – ;

He was indeed redhead… that kind of carrot-orange colour, you know? He also had the typical milk-white skin animated only by mocha freckles, so cute!

And… yes, I was strongly advised to try him by my friend C. She described him with funny metaphors on pencils… After trying him, I would use other metaphors, more garden-style, such as carrots

In any case, I still think about Brian with a lot of affection: Nostalgia please go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!



History: The maritozzo, a bun topped with whipped cream, is a typical dessert from Rome. Its name means “cute husband” and it comes from the tradition men had to bring this bun to their fiancés before the wedding, right before becoming marito (husband) e moglie (wife).


50 gr Sourdough

300 gr Flour

2 Eggs

70 gr Sugar

4 Tbsp olive oil

100 gr Raisins

50 gr Pine nuts

50 gr Orange peel

2 dl Whipped cream


Recipe: Knead sourdough with 100 gr flour, one egg, 1 tbsp oil, and a pinch of salt. Make a ball, cover it, and let it rise for about 4 hours. Then knead it with the remaining oil and flour, the other egg, 50 gr sugar, a pinch of salt, and 2 tbsp of hot water. Then add raisins, orange peel, and pine nuts. Divide the dough in several balls (the size of an egg) and let them rise again before baking them (220 degrees) for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile mix the remaining sugar with 4-5 tbsp of boiling water and use the syrup to brush the top of your buns. Bake for another 1-2 minutes. Finally incise each bun on its length, wait until they are cold and fill them with the whipped cream.

Dedicated to: Max, the maximum expression of the Italian macho man: his strong muscles sheathed in a black uniform, his divine backside, his broad shoulders, his Tom Cruise smile, his Latin lover manners, his love for soccer… Mhhhh

Too bad he was more interested in skinny young women with little boops than in me. I was a bit too round for him until the day Max asked me out. WOW, I couldn’t believe he wanted to go for a date with me, I was so thrilled!

It was the week before his move to another city, we spent some good time together, first at the movies – but we didn’t really watch it – then in his car. Ok, I’m not going to give you the details but trust me, I am a good girl and that was only our first date ( -;

The day after he came to see me with a little present. I thought about the maritozzo, maybe he wanted to marry me? Ah ah ah, no, he just wanted to give me a small gift before his departure. So cuuuuuuuute, but then he moved and we never met again. Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaaaay!



Ingredients:choco mousse

125 gr Dark Chocolate

3 Yolks

50 gr Sugar

35 cl Whipped cream

5 cl Milk

60 gr Crunchy mix (cookies, nuts, peanuts, almonds…)

Recipe: Grate chocolate and put it in a bowl. Whisk yolks with half of the sugar, then pour this mix into boiling milk, and add the remaining sugar. Keep on whisking and try not to reach the boiling point. Now pour the cream on the chocolate and stir gently.  When the chocolate cream is cold, add it to the whipped cream little by little, finally add the crunchy mix. Divide the mousse in different glasses and put them in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.

Dedicated to: Pete, a man, a dream. Not a dream in the sense that he was a fantasy, just a dream because of the perception he left me. Do you know the feeling you have when you wake up in the morning with a little smile and with some vague souvenirs of the very pleasant dream you have just had? Pete left me exactly that feeling, that cosy sensation mmmh

I know that something very special happened between us, but I cannot remember what. I am quite sure we met a loooong time ago at the Peanut Bar (see Peanut Butter American Cake), or somewhere else in Mons… But for sure I recall his skin… mmmh, it was like silky chocolate… and his lips sweeter than whipped cream. To remember at least his taste, the only way I found is preparing this chocolate mousse, closing my eyes and keeping on dreaming. Mmmmh, nostalgia please go awaaay!



History: A financier is a small French cake. The financier is light and moist, similar to sponge cake, and usually contains almond flour, crushed or ground almonds. The distinctive feature of the recipe is beurre noisette (brown butter). The name financier is said to derive from the traditional rectangular mould, which resembles a bar of gold.


150 gr Icing sugar

50 gr Flour

80 gr Almond flour

3 Egg whites

140 gr Beurre Noisette (see Trick or Threat)

Recipe: Mix all the ingredients and, at the end, add the brown butter. Pour the batter in the special moulds and bake 20 minutes (180 degrees).

Trick or Threat: Unsalted butter is melted over low heat and allowed to separate into butterfat and milk solids. The milk solids naturally sink to the bottom of the pan and, if left over gentle heat, will begin to brown. As the milk solids reach a toasty hazelnut color, the pan is removed from the heat. Beurre noisette may be used in its liquid state, or cooled to a solid form.

Dedicated to: F. who he used to work in the high finance world, like his colleague “apple cake”. F. was skinny, puny, whity, he looked always on the verge of a nervous breakdown… especially after 18 hours at the office…

He would leave his apartment in the morning with that proud look that meant: I wear a tailor-made shirt, my shirt is impeccably ironed, my shirt is embroidered with my name initials, my shirt matches my perfect blue tie, my shirt matches even my Ferragamo socks. But after 18 hours at the office, poor my little Financier, his shirt was all creased and it looked too big for him.

Don’t worry, guys, my little Financier would take off his shirt, his tie, and his socks and he would become the most energetic lover. Ahhhhh a real golden stick… Oops, a golden bar ( – ; Nostalgiaaaaaaa please go away!



Ingredients:lemon curd

3 Lemons

4 Eggs

200 gr Sugar

15 gr Butter

Recipe: Whisk the eggs in a large heatproof bowl with the sugar and stir in the lemon zest and juice. Add the butter and set the bowl over a saucepan of very gently simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon for five minutes until the butter melts, then use a whisk to continuously stir the ingredients and cook for 10-12 minutes. The lemon curd should the consistency of custard and leaves a light trail when the whisk is lifted. (The curd will continue to thicken in the jars). Pour the hot lemon curd into warmed, sterilised jars and leave to cool. Keep in the fridge and use within one week.

Source: BBC

Dedicated to: Nigel, the perfect British nice fellow. Imagine him blond, very white skinned, a bit of couperose already visible on his cheeks, bad teeth, snobbish accent, cold humour, very polite, with a beer in each hand. I met him a couple of years ago at the Beer Festival organised every year in Brussels (we’ll talk about it in details very soon), I fancied him straight away. In his arms I discovered that he was not so arrogant and rigid, he was actually so sweeeeet. As sweet as our curd ( – : But as soon as I left him at the Beer Festival to go home alone, I also discovered his sour and lemon acid side. OMG, all these texts to convince me to sleep with him. C’mon Mr British Gentleman, kisses sometimes are jussssst enough… especially if you are not a chap as sexy as Nigel Harman ( – ; Bitterness please go awaaaaaaay!


Dear Readers and Friends,sambuca

It was already…

7 days ago that I met Mister X for the first time

5 days ago that I started to officially look for him via all the social media

3 days ago that my motivation started to decrease considerably

I owe you an update, the problem is that there is no update, still no sign of Mister X )) – ;

And I am about to throw in the towel… The only thing left to do is praying and having a Sambuca cocktail like the one below:

Ingredients: Sambuca and Kahlua in equal parts

Recipe: Pour the Sambuca in a shot glass, gently add the Kahlua. Garnish with cocoa powder and alchool on the glass, light it up and serve.

Oooooh, that Sambuca that I should have had with HIM last week, bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!




250 gr Mascarpone

50 gr Sucre glace

3 Blancs d’oeufs

800 gr Fruits rouges

Préparation: Monter les blancs en neige ferme dans un récipient. Puis fouetter le mascarpone avec le sucre glace en aérant bien la préparation et y incorporer les blancs en neige délicatement. Enfin mettre la mousse dans les coupelles de présentation et disposer les fruits rouges sur le dessus. Avant de servir saupoudrer de sucre glace.

Source: Marmiton 
Dedié à: Monsieur X que j’ai rencontré mardi soir entre deux hoquets et devant 1 kg de délicieuses moules dans le quartier de St Catherine.

Cher Monsieur X, je vous ai laissé au moment où vous alliez déguster cette superbe mousse au mascarpone et fruits rouges… maintenant je vous recherche désespérément !

Monsieur X, malheureusement je ne sais que très peu de choses sur vous…

Monsieur X, je sais seulement que vous êtes blond, grand et mince comme 70% des hommes belges.

Monsieur X, je sais que vous avez étudié a’ Mons en même temps que moi.

Monsieur X, je sais que vous rentrez juste de vacances de Tenerife avec vos enfants (mais vous n’êtes pas marié n’est-ce pas ??!).

Monsieur X, je sais que vous diniez avec un charmant garçon mi-sicilien et mi-flamand (ne serait-il pas votre nouvel amant au moins?).

Monsieur X, je sais que votre conversation est passionnante, votre voix si douce et votre regard si profond.

Mais Monsieur X, je n’ai ni votre contact Facebook et ni votre numéro de téléphone, je ne connais même pas votre prénom, ou’ êtes-vous caché ?

Si vous lisez cet article, contactez-moi !

Pourquoi ne suis-je pas restée pour une dernière Sambuca ? C’est la’ toute la question. Aaaaah, ces amers regrets !

This article is in French because I don’t know if Mr X can speak English ) – ;

GULAB JAMUN gulabjamun


75 gr Dried milk

2-3 Tablespoons milk

1 Tablespoon semolina (soaked in warm water)

1 Pinch baking powder

1 Tablespoon flour

2 Tablespoons butter (soft)

Oil for frying

Syrup: 1 Cup water + 1 Cup sugar + 2 Cardamom’s seeds + 1 Teaspoon lemon juice

Recipe: In a bowl mix together dried milk, baking powder, flour and butter. Then add milk and semolina (not too humid), make a soft dough and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the syrup in a pan on the stove for about 10 minutes. Make some balls with the dough and fry them in the warm (not boiling) oil. When the balls are golden, remove them from the oil, and soak them in the cold syrup before serving them.

Dedicated to H., an Indian guy beautiful and distinguished like the young Kabir Bedi and even more! I met H. at a New Year’s Eve party, a typical Belgian party organised by a German guy who had a Peruvian friend who was part of a group where there was one of my Italian friends who…

Ok, to cut the story short, it was a very international party where everybody had to bring something to eat or to drink from its own home country. While I was sipping a Gluhwein and I was having a nice slice of Panettone, I started to chat with H. He nicely smelled of cardamom and his smile was so bright and perfect that I thought it had to be thanks to cardamom, very well known for preventing teeth and gums infections. But who knows… What I know is that, while we were discussing about the meaning of life, I could only see his mouth, I was def’ hypnotized by it, I could have given anything to just approach it a bit more. Then, suddenly, the miracle: he kissed me! Interesting experience, but not as sweet as the gulab jamun like I was expecting so… So we stopped there, like this, even before the clock stroke at midnight. Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaay!



Ingredients: latte concentrato

1 Can concentrated milk

Dark chocolate (preferably orange flavoured)

Recipe: Put the can (closed) in a pan full of water. Let it boil for at least 1.5 hours. Then remove from the stove, open the can and mix the milk with the chocolate. Pour the obtained cream in several little glasses and put in the fridge. Serve cold.

Dedicated to O., a French guy a bit Asiatic with a very complicated name. I chose to rename him O., O like O-O-O-OH how sexy he was!!! With him I sinned for the first time… Gluttony if you want to know the sin, gluttony like the feast in your mouth when you will taste this delicious dulche de leche ( – : But, well, you know the proverb about sins: “hate the sin, love the sinner”. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) O. decided not to love me and our story ended after the summer holidays… Bitterness please go awaaaaaaay!




400 gr White chocolate

75 gr Butter

90 gr Sugar

3 Eggs

1 Teaspoon vanilla extract

200 gr Flour

6 gr Baking powder

100 gr Nuts

For the icing: 4 Tablespoons icing sugar + 100 gr White chocolate (melted)

Recipe: Heat the oven to 160 degrees and cover a 20×20 cm baking pan with baking paper. Use the double boiler technique to melt 300 gr of white chocolate and butter. In a bowl mix together sugar, eggs, vanilla, and flour. Then add the melted chocolate, nuts and 100 gr of chopped white chocolate. Bake for 30 minutes, let it cool down and decorate it with the icing.

Dedicated to C, white man, delicate and very well decorated like our blondies. He was indeed blond, delicious, and he liked to drink Italian straw wine. As you might know, straw wines are typically sweet to very sweet white wines, similar in density and sweetness to Sauternes and capable of long life. Unfortunately my story with C, even if it started very romantically with an intense kiss in a London Sheraton hotel, didn’t last very long. Long life my ass ( – ; The story actually didn’t last at all: it stopped after this very first kiss… Bitterness please go awayyyyyyy



Story: The pagnon borain is a typical cake from the Belgian region of the Borinage.

Ingredients: Excavators

300 gr Flour

100 gr Butter

30 gr Yeast (cube)

2 Eggs

1 Pinch salt

2 Teaspoon sugar

Cassonade (Brown sugar)

4 Tablespoons black coffee

Preparation: Make a fountain of flour, then add the eggs, the melted butter, the yeast dissolved in some milk, the salt, and the sugar. Use your hands to combine the dough until all of the dry flour has moistened into a mass. Then let the dough rise for about 2 hours. Then divide the dough into two balls, roll them out on two greased pans, and let them rise for about 15 minutes. Before baking, make some holes on the two cakes and fill them with some cassonade and a teaspoon of coffee. Bake in the oven (180 degrees) for about 15-20 minutes.

Dedicated to: B. from Frameries, a city in the Borinage area. Maybe it’s because I went there some days ago, but I keep thinking of B, of his typical farmer’s accent, of his contagious smile, of his brown tuft of hair on his forehead. He was an average ugly guy, but he was very charming. At that time his job was selling excavators and quite easily he found his way to my heart. Actually the heart was not really involved… Between us it was more a physical thing. You know, one of those things that help you as an emotional life jacket when you have the feeling that your current boyfriend is about to break up with you. One of those things that offer you a ride in a station wagon and save you from taking the bus. Basically our story was only flavourless and moist, exactly like our cake.

For the cake, it’s enough to add some more sugar. For my thing with B… If I could go back to those days, I would definitely add some more feelings and some… cinnamon because it’s a spice that suits all cakes. Bitterness please go awaaaaaaay!




1 Jell-o package

1 Cup boiling water

1 Cup cold water

Instructions: Add a small package JELL-O powder to 1 cup boiling water, stir until dissolved. Then add 1 cup cold water, stir, pour into a jell-o mold and chill in the fridge until set.

Dedicated to: S, a nice, firm and set guy who looks exactly like the Jell-o you just take out of the fridge. Imagine, dear readers, how nice our jell-o is: it sticks perfectly to the mould, it looks so proud, it wants to be perfect until… until you unmould it and you discover, as it happens 9 times out of 10, that the jell-o is not ready, it is now all flat and splattered on your fancy dish.

I have to admit that I could see from faaaaaar away that Mr Jell-o was not going to be the perfectly set jell-o. He looked too cute, too interested, too generous, too elegant, too much! And he was sticking to the mould romantically talking about insane projects such as our holidays together in Malta/Cyprus/Israel. C’mon, it was our first date! And in fact, when I decided to unmould him, I discovered a splattered nature made of a small attribute, scarce sense of humour, but plenty of practical sense. In fact, afterwards, he left my place in the middle of the night, he took the trash out, and he disappeared. So far, so good, I was expecting all of this… ok maybe not the trash, but still… What I was not expecting was a text: “I don’t recognize this number, you are…”

Dear Mr Jell-o, this was your biggest mistake, you were not supposed to text me! You did it, and now you get caked on my spicy blog ( – :

Let me tell you a secret: the other night we were playing the same game, we had the same goal, and we played it fairly (I promised you a Sicilian slush and brioche just the way you promised me the summer holidays together), but at least afterwards I acted like a real woman. Little hint: next time you meet a girl, don’t put all this icing around a fuck, sometimes women want exactly the same thing as you, but they want things to be clear from the beginning: Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaay! 



Ingredientigreen tea

95 gr Sugar

65 gr Egg yolks

95 gr Egg whites

65 gr Flour

25 gr Corn starch

1 Teaspoon salt (big grains)

8 gr Green tea

1 Tablespoon milk

Icing sugar

Preparation: In a bowl whip the yolks with 2/3 of sugar, add then the flour, the starch, the salt, and the milk. On the side beat the egg whites until stiff with the rest of the sugar and add them to the other batter together with the green tea. Spoon the batter into a piping bag fitted, pipe the batter onto the parchment, and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. Bake in the oven (170 degrees) for 10-12 minutes. Once the cookies are ready, sprinkle them with the icing sugar.

Trick or Threat: Do not open the oven while the cookies are cooking ( – ;

Dedicated to: M, a superhero who could make me melt just thanks to his big laughs and his sly looks. He had many super powers – he could blow out air at freezing temperatures as well as exert the propulsive force of high-speed winds – but the most efficient super power was def’ his appearance. He didn’t like the usual blue costume and the red cape, but when he was wearing his green shirt (like our cookies)… I could not stop touching him ( – :

M, a Man who didn’t need any added sugar: Nostalgia please go awaaaaaay




3 Egg yolks

2 dl Whipped cream

5 Tangerines (juice)

5 Tablespoons Mandarine Napoleon liqueur

50 gr Water

75 gr Sugar

Preparation: Make a caramel with the sugar and the water. On the side, beat the yolks and add the caramel (still warm), 2 tangerines’ juice, 3 tablespoons of liqueur, and finally gently add the whipped cream. Divide the preparation in 6 small bowls and put them in the freezer for one night. Before serving, make a syrup with 3 tangerines and 2 tablespoons of liqueur, then let the syrup cool down. Meanwhile take the bowls out of the freezer (you should have a sort of mousse as a result), make a hole in the middle of each mousse (you can use an ice-cream spoon) and fill the hole with the tangerine syrup now cold.

Source: Recette de Mousse Glacée à la Mandarine (

Dedicated to: Napoleon so well described in the Italian poem “Il Cinque Maggio” (= The 5th May, day of Napoleon’s death) written by Alessandro Manzoni.

We all remember the words Manzoni used to praise Napoleon from the successes:

From Alps to Pyramids were thrown
His bolts from Scylla to the Don,
From Manzanares to the Rhine,
From sea to sea, unerring hurled;

Until the decline and the exile:

What envy did his palmy state,
What pity his reverses move,
Object of unrelenting hate,
And unextinguishable love!

Napoleon, a French military and political leader, small and a bit chubby, is known for the victories on his brave horse. But he is also known for his Latin-lover style: he had a fiancée that he abandoned, then he had 2 wives and many many many mistresses. He thought that it was legitimate to have many affairs at the same time, he was a very important man and this gave him the right to cheat on his wives as far as the affairs were not too public…

Well, dear readers, I have to admit I also found a Napoleon in my life! He was not French, but he was as chubby, as short, and as unattractive as the real Napoleon. He was so proud of his new Mercedes (offered by his nice daddy of course) and so proud of his victories (at that time having the highest mark at the final exam was enough to thrill the crowds!) that – from Alps to Pyramids – he succeeded in the arduous feat of kissing all the girls of the same group of friends! He was very cautious, he didn’t want us to talk about him, but finally we all discovered the truth (already soooo smart ladies we were!): our local Napoleon was only a big head and a jerk and we decided to immediately exile him from the group… Bitterness please go away!



Ingredients: Tazza per GI

1 Egg yolk

Chocolate chips

1 Tablespoon sugar

2 Tablespoons melted butter

6 Tablespoons flour

Recipe: Beat together the sugar and the egg yolk in your favourite mug. Then add the rest of the ingredients. Cook in the microwave for one minute.

Trick or Threat: You can also bake this cake in the normal oven, but then the cooking time will be longer.

Dedicated to: G.I., a chocolate American guy, as pleasant as a mug banging your teeth, as fit as melted butter, as captivating as plain flour, as friendly as a splattered egg on the floor. Actually, a part from being from Rhodes-Island (See “Peanut Butter American Cake” post) he was not really appealing… But I decided to give him a chance. I dedicate this QUICK recipe to him because ONE MINUTE is all I remember about him… Horizontally speaking… Bitterness please go awayyyyyyyyyyy

Thanks to Juliette for this fun recipe ( – ;



Story: The Vasilopita is one of the traditional Greek cakes usually prepared for New Year’s Eve.

115 gr Softened butter
180 g Sugar
2.5 Eggs
15 ml Water
5 ml Vanilla extract
190 gr Flour
2 gr Baking powder
25 gr Nuts or Almonds
Sesame seeds

Recipe: In a large bowl, blend together the butter, the sugar, the vanilla extract and the water. Then separate 3 eggs and add 2 yolks and 1 egg white to the batter mixture. Meanwhile whip 2 egg whites until they are foamy and fold them into the batter together with the flour and the baking powder.
Pour the batter into a greased pan and sprinkle the nuts and seeds on top of the batter. Bake for ca 35 minutes in the preheated oven to 160 degrees C.

Trick or Threat: Very nice cake to sop up in the hot milk for a comforting breakfast.

Dedicated to: Jason, a Greek guy a bit short and hairy like the Golden Fleece he wanted to get, but always elegant wearing fine cotton shirts, intense thanks to his nut brown look, and sharp like the Aeson’s son named like him.
His souvenir is immortal for me as the sesame seeds used for this recipe. I have been his Medea… at least twice: every time a big firework like at New Year’s Eve, every time in a wild and overwhelming way, every time with big satisfaction… especially for me ( – :
Too bad that at a certain point, as a real Greek warrior, he was called back to his Country and our passion just ended without a goodbye, without a kiss, without even a last trip on the ship Argo… Bitterness please go awaaaaay!

I want to thank Family S. for being always my guinea pig when I try new recipes!



Ingredients: apple

150 gr Flour

130 gr Sugar

16 gr Baking Powder

1 Pinch of salt

2 Eggs

60 gr Oil

100 ml Milk

2-3 Red apples

For the frosting: Mix 80 gr melted butter, 1 egg, 100 gr sugar, cinnamon

Recipe: Mix the flour, the sugar, the backing powder, and a pinch of salt. Then add the eggs, the oil, and the milk. Meanwhile peal and cut in big chuncks the apples and distribute them on the mixture in the pan. Bake for at least 25-30 minutes in the oven (180 degrees), then add the frosting on the top of the cake already cooked and put back in the oven for 10 minutes. Mmmmh, the cake will look ugly, but it will be delicious!

Trick or Treat: Test the cake is done with a fork, a cocktail stick, a skewer or a toothpick. Use one of these items to poke the top of the cake slightly in the middle. If it comes up with some wet batter, crumbs or stickiness on it, the cake needs to bake some more. If it is dry, then the cake is done.

Dedicated to: B, great man from the North of Italy, with his sweet and salty accent that could have conquered me anytime. Too bad: he didn’t want to conquer me… But, as happened with my apple cake, I tried, and I tried, and tried, and I tried so much that finally I succeeded! So imagine the scene: we are together under the moon, I wait for THE kiss and YES, the kiss is DONE! Then I wait for the next step and YES, the kiss behind the ears is DONE! Good job, B, go ahead now… YES, the kiss on the neck is also DONE! C’mon, B… YES, the kiss on the right shoulder is DDDDDONE! Cool, actually it’s getting cool and chilly here outside. Shall we go inside? Niiiiice the bathtub in the room. Is it normal? Oh well, who cares… So, you want to start from the beginning with a sweet kiss, ok I agree. And what now? Ah, the ears… Yes they are very nice too, thanks. Ooooh the neck now, yes yes very nice neck, I know. Tell me something new now, pleeeeeease! My nose?! Yes, thank you it is very nice because I just had surgery. And what’s next? Ah, the shoulder of course… LISTEN, I know I am beautiful but sorry, it is 2 am and tomorrow I have to go to work, so if you don’t mind I am leaving now! You really don’t deserve me, B! It cannot take 3 years to win your attention and other 3 years to get to THE point! Bitterness please go awaaaaaaaaaay!




100 gr Sugar

3 Eggs (eggwhites beaten until stiff)

Some butter

Italian Coffee

500 gr Mascarpone

2 Packs of sponge finger biscuits (Savoiardi – Boudoirs)

Cacao powder

Recipe: Whip the sugar with the eggs, the butter and the Mascarpone, then add the beaten eggwhites. Meanwhile prepare some Italian coffee, when it is ready put it in a bowl and add some water.

In a baking pan make a first layer of cream, then a second layer with the Savoiardi previously dipped in the coffee and continue until the pan is almost full. Make sure that the last layer is made of cream. Now you can decorate with some cacao powder. Put in the fridge for some hours (better one whole night), serve cold.

Trick or Treat: Take out of the fridge the Mascarpone at least 1 hour before using it, it will be aesier to mix it with the rest of the ingredients.

Dedicated to: G, an extremely sexy man even with his Spok-style ears and his bad English. In any case, he didn’t need to use his language skills to convince me. Just a glance at him and I was ready to fly to the Antilles, to pick the blooming cactus, and to roast coffee beans. Coffee: no doubts, that was his scent!

And this is why tiramisu’ makes me think about him and about all the loooong intergalactic trips we took on the Enterprise until… he decided to get back with his ex-girlfriend: Bitterness please go awaaaay!


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  2. Biscotti al the verde | hommesweeethomme giugno 2, 2013 alle 9:27 am Reply

    […] Fantasy […]


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