lollipopsHi and Welcome to my sweet and spicy blog!

If you know me, you are already aware of my 2 main weaknesses: MEN and DESSERTS! I have to admit that I am quite good with desserts, but I am definitely hopeless with men…

Every man I met in my life – from the quick kiss in a bar to the 3-year love story – left me with a bitter smile. So I decided to fight this bitterness with super sweeeeet cakes, cookies, and doughnuts!

In this blog you will find a dessert for each man who really deserved a cake in his face, each man will be identified by his initials or by a nickname but, if he reads his story, sure as hell he will recognize himself ( – ;

But before I let you go enjoying this amazing blog, I would like to talk you through the main categories I have created:

Bread: A page dedicated to categories of men 

Love: A page dedicated to the real men of my life

Fantasy: A page dedicated to… spicy stories 

Special Guest: A page dedicated to my friends ( – : 

Let’s Cake Their Ass: A page dedicated to all my friends and followers who want to take their revenge on their EXs



2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. SandyOntheMove gennaio 29, 2013 alle 2:52 pm Reply

    Great idea Eva! Will definitely try some of your recipes!

    • hommesweeethomme gennaio 29, 2013 alle 3:02 pm Reply

      The good thing about these recipes is that I have tried them before putting them online and they are all easy to make and good to taste. Enjoyyyyyy


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